Aiming for Success With Your Social Media Strategy

June 01, 2015

It’s amazing how quickly social media transformed from a quirky novelty to an enormous part of our lives. Now, all businesses need to develop a solid social media strategy as part of their marketing plan. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are where you’ll find your customers and having a strong presence on these channels shows that your company is forward-thinking and willing to embrace evolving technology.

If you find yourself feeling a bit hesitant on this new digital frontier, you’re certainly not alone. The rules for social media success are still being written, and the terrain is evolving every day. Still, there are a few things we do know that will help your company’s social media strategy succeed. Consider these pointers.

Rules of Engagement

With well over one billion users on Facebook, there’s a lot of opportunity for gaining followers and getting your message out to new customers. More importantly, if you can find a way to meaningfully engage with your customers, you’re able to strengthen your brand and (ideally) improve your bottom line. Keep in mind that a smaller number of active and participating followers is much better than a huge number of passive followers. Consider your cost-benefit here; social media isn’t exactly free, since you need to invest time and resources into making your company’s presence a good one, so it’s essential to look at what you’re getting in return for your investment.

From Follows to Sales

It might seem like social media platforms are a good place to make a hard sell, but nothing could be further from the truth. Think about why you personally use sites like Facebook and Instagram: to connect with others and share select parts of your life. Ads are looked at with disdain, or with skepticism at best. Instead of being aggressive with marketing, consider using social media to provide great customer service experiences to your followers, which will improve your business’s standing in their minds and over time translate to sales. This includes posting positive and relevant information, encouraging participating in the conversation, and offering quick responses to inquiries.

Focus on #Hashtags

When it comes to social media content organization, the hashtag is king. If you’re trying to focus on a particular message, spend some time to come up with the right wording for your hashtag, then test it to make sure customers are willing to use it. One good hashtag is better than several OK ones, as your message might get diluted in the latter scenario. Similarly, you don’t need to use hashtags with every post, and certainly not with every interaction. Used in moderation, though, they can be quite effective.

Need Help With Your Social Media Approach?

If your company could use some guidance to strengthen your social media strategy, look to the professionals at Adeo Internet Marketing. A Montreal web design and internet marketing agency, Adeo can help you engage followers, bolster your brand, and improve your bottom line. Give us a call today at (877) 841-5386, and let’s talk about how we can help you make the most of your social media presence.


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