Internet Explorer 6.0 no longer supported by ADEO

August 10, 2009

We would like to inform all our customers and potential customers that we no longer support Internet Explorer 6.0. IE 6 is simply not up to date with latest web standards. This restricts us from using the latest web development technology when designing and programming websites.  We currently use standards based XHTML which make websites render correctly across all modern browsers. Unfortunately IE 6 does not implement these standards correctly.
Web designers are encouraging customers to upgrade their browser to Firefox version 3.6 or IE 8.0.
Recently, several Web design companies have launched websites dedicated to the idea of removing Internet Explorer 6
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Google recently announced that YouTube will no longer support IE 6.0 and recommends their customers to upgrade to a better browser.
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As a professional web design firm offerings its website design and SEO internet marketing services in Montreal, Eastern Canada/ US, we recommend that our customer use Firefox. We just find it more secure and faster than IE 8.0.
Download Firefox 3.6 
Download Internet Explorer 8.0        

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